Welcome to CLS Associates research and investigation services

Welcome to CLS Associates
Research and investigation services

CLS provides services to the professions, companies, institutions and individuals across the full range of the research & investigation industry.

CLS has considerable experience in helping clients to identify solutions and thereafter execute those solutions to resolution. Progressive sophistication adds significantchallenges to businesses and individuals alike and CLS has the capability and resources to meet those challenges whether it is within the UK or abroad.

Whether it is chasing errant directors and their assets; profiling companies and individuals; pure investigation; fraud prevention and detection; assisting litigators; conducting due diligence enquiries…and more, CLS has the capacity to help the client.

CLS is a discreet company and all communication is treated in the utmost confidence.

CLS trusts in its creative outlook to provide comprehensive, high quality services and our aim is to develop close working relationships with corporate, legal and private clients so they can be assured of a timely, reliable and affordable service.