Pre-employment research and verification

A sensible employer will always conduct diligent enquiries to ensure new candidates are capable of fulfilling their requirements and this is especially so when the post includes access to company finance or commercially sensitive information. Ordinarily, the only information available will be the application itself and the applicant’s CV, however, anecdotal intelligence from the applicant’s former employments or other personal contacts is particularly valuable. Generally, this is not readily available.

Any vetting enquiry should have two distinct areas of focus, (i) to verify the provided information and (ii) to reveal relevant information that has not been disclosed.

Provided references should always be taken up.
Where possible academic qualifications should be confirmed with the relevant bodies, similarly with any professional qualifications or memberships.
Only if considered relevant and essential the applicant should be asked for authority to access his personal credit data.

There is a considerable amount of electronic information available in the public domain that may have a bearing on how to proceed. From statutory and subscription databases to open-source / deep-web enquiries there is a wealth of resources to interrogate. Deep-web analytical software searches both structured and unstructured data, which includes blogs, forums, local / national / international newsprint and social media.

A person’s personal circumstance often provides insight into his lifestyle. His address and contact details have probably been provided and a discreet personal enquiry will undoubtedly give colour to these details. Similarly, a person’s ‘audit trail’ of properties will paint a picture and discreet conversations with friends, neighbours and former work colleagues will provide a client with the best basis from which to make considered judgements.

This is a brief explanation of the areas where research can be conducted to give a client the best information and intelligence to make the best decisions and to provide ‘comfort’. At CLS we can delve as deep or as shallow as the client wishes.

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