We are

We Are

The principals at CLS have each worked in the public and private sectors of the investigation industry since the 1970’s and the accrued wealth of experience is complemented by qualified in-house researchers and project managers. Where appropriate, professional contractors closely associated with CLS are engaged for their particular skills within specialised fields.

Our researchers have been trained by outside bodies to an enviable degree. In addition to conventional public record and subscription database research they are highly skilled in open-source research using legal ‘deep-web’ analytical tools that search both structured and unstructured data on the internet. Being their core skill each researcher has developed an acute instinct and insight into interpreting and translating detail, converting it into usable information.

The considerable experience, knowledge and tenacity of CLS staff drives our aim to consistently exceed the expectations of the client.

Our operatives act within professional codes of practice and conduct themselves in a discreet, professional and ethical manner thereby ensuring the protection of our reputation and that of our clients. We are members of a global trade association, are included on the data protection register and hold professional and public liability insurance.