Client Sectors

Client Sectors

Our services include:

  • Company & Individual profiling
  • Competitor analysis
  • Intellectual property enquiries
  • Employee background research
  • Internal theft enquiries
  • Computer forensics

  • Brand monitoring
  • Due diligence and Vetting

CLS provides services across the full range of the research and investigation industry.

Although each category could be subdivided they have been classified in the three broad categories of Corporate Clients, Legal Clients and Private Clients, however the services regularly cross over.

Company & Individual profiling will cross all categories whereas brand monitoring, intellectual property enquiries and competitor analysis would be more suited to the Corporate Client category only. Instructions are regularly received from solicitors so the above, together with employee background research, internal theft enquiries, computer forensics and due diligence and vetting, would also feature under Legal Clients.

CLS is happy to offer an initial consultation without obligation or charge.