Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Corporate Services:

  • Corporate and company information
  • Due diligence
  • Intellectual property enquiries
  • Employee background research
  • Business intelligence
  • Monitoring company IT
  • Vetting

Business, business trends and business practices are constantly evolving and a wise person will keep abreast of that change.


Due diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving an investigation of a business or person. A wider definition is, ‘the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party’, and can be taken wider than pure business.

Managing risk is a major requirement for executives and business owners and failure to have strategic information can easily place a company at a competitive disadvantage, cause contractual non-compliance or reputational damage.

CLS undertakes in-depth research to provide the client with the information sufficient to make informed strategic decisions. State-of-the-art electronic resources, access to global corporate & company information, business intelligence and the judicious use of human resource all provide material that will provide clients with confidence and ‘comfort value’.

CLS conducts employee background research / vetting and with advanced electronic tools it can monitor company IT for the client and conduct intellectual property enquiries.