Private Clients

Private clients

Private services:

  • Tracing assets
  • Evidence gathering
  • Genealogy research
  • Surveillance
  • Interviewing

CLS does not restrict its client base to the professions, industry and corporates. Individuals also encounter problems, many of which can be resolved with assistance of CLS and its staff. Instances are too many and varied to itemise, however, if there is a who, what, where, when or how there is usually an answer, which CLS can provide.

Personal ServiceThe facilities available to private clients are the same as they are to other sectors. CLS will provide material supporting proceedings or providing ‘peace of mind’ by means agreed with the client which may include tracing assets, interviewing witnesses and general evidence gathering or physical / technical surveillance.

Not all instructions are shrouded in suspicion and it is satisfying when CLS can reunite long lost relatives or friends through genealogy research or to inform somebody of an inheritance or unexpected windfall.

Talk costs nothing and contact with CLS to discuss potential matters is encouraged. Callers will receive courtesy and  understanding and all instances will be considered in a non-judgmental manner.