I Don’t Need a Document Retention Policy – Do I?

No, not unless someone is going to litigate against you or there is no reason for anybody to demand information regarding past actions your company has made. But what if they do? What if they ask for E-discovery?
E-discovery has placed a significant financial burden on businesses. If you are litigated against the other side will ask for all electronic material pertinent to the matter to be produced by way of disclosure. This is not a matter that can be ignored. Failure to disclose covers penalties so, if that happened to you today could you easily recover and produce relevant documents for the other side?
What’s best to be done? The simplest way to minimise disruption and save expense is to ensure a document retention policy is in place that sets out when certain documents are to be destroyed in the normal course of business. That way recovery on your electronic systems will be structured and streamlined.

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